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    Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Whirling Cup

Take a piece of paper measuring 15 cm x 15 cm and roll it into a cone by holding at one corner and rolling it.


"Doctor, doctor, I have just swallowed the film from my camera."
"Well lets hope nothing develops."

Saturn - The Ringed Planet

Saturn is the second largest planet after Jupiter. It has a set of seven thin rings around it. They are made up of ice-particles that travel round the planet.

Educating Children Early

Educating has been emphasized over the years by many psychologists.By the time a child begins his third year of life he or she has developed characteristic ways of dealing with the world.

Is the earth getting warmer?

Many scientists say that in this century, the average temperature has already risen by almost 1° Fahrenheit, and that by 2050, it may be 4° warmer.

Fun with Cartooning

Hey! Kids Want to learn how to create cartoons? In just a few simple lessons… let's unveil the secrets of cartooning!

Break Out

Take a break, break a brick.


Money changes people just as often as it changes hands

Leo Kennedy
Send your letters to GOD,Teacher's, Friends & Parents.

Dear God,
You have got us in your hands like little dolls.
Aprita Ghosh (7 Yrs)

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