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Pea in the Air

Take a discarded reel or spool. Rip a hole on one side of the reel. Place a pea or similar light weight material on the hole.Put the other end in your mouth and close the end having a hole with your finger. Now blow air into the reel. A bigger sized tube will work better.

Yo - Yo

Cut two equal circular pieces from a piece of thick cardboard of about 15 cm in diameter. Make a hole in the centers in such a way that a small pencil should be fixed in the holes tightly. The distance between the discs should not be more than 2 cm. Tie a thread approximately 50 cm to the pencil between the two discs and wind the thread around the pencil. Hold the free end of the thread and let the discs go down vertically. When the discs just reach the end of the thread, give it a jerk With practice you will be able to play with easily.

Dancing Capsules

You can make the capsules dance to your tune. Take empty capsules. Separate the two halves of the capsules. Place a small metal ball - bearing in the capsule. Now insert the two halves together of the capsules. Place the capsules in your palm. Tilt your palm a little and watch the fun.

Balancing Balloon

Take a piece of cardboard in a square or rectangular shape. Make a small hole in it. Blow a balloon and tie a knot or wind it with a thread. Pass the closed end through the hole of the cardboard and stick it properly. Now stick the cardboard to the floor. Kick the balloon any way you like it and it will return to its original position.

Q.What did mama telephone say to the baby telephone?
A.You are too young to be engaged.

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