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Weighing Balance

To make this weighing balance you can use lids of shoe polish or inner cases of matchbox. Make holes in each of the two lids or cases. Cut out 6 pieces of string of equal length and pass each string through each of the holes in the lids/ cases. One end of each strings is fixed to the base of lids/ cases by tying thick knots at the ends. The other loose ends are grouped into three each and tied to the two ends of a bamboo or wooden stick. Tie a strong thick thread or string at the centre of the stick in equilibrium. Your balance is ready to weigh things of your choice.

You could also use lemon to make the weighing balance. Just cut the lemon in two equal halves and hollow the contains out and make it in the same manner as above.

Whirling Cup

Take a piece of paper measuring 15 cm x 15 cm and roll it into a cone by holding at one corner and rolling it. Glue the open end of the edge to the sides of the cone. Cut the triangle on top of the cone. Make cuts 2 cm apart till 1/3 rd of the lengths of the cone towards the centre. Then spread out these cut outs flaps ito look like an open flower. Drop this toy from a height. It will come down slowly with a whriling motion.

Whirling Fan

This fan is made by cutting and folding a strip of paper 12cm x 3 cm in size. Take a rectangular strip of paper and a pair of scissors. Cut the strip vertically into two till less than half of its length. Make two small cuts horizontally and fold the lower portions (where the vertical cut was made) inside to overlap each other. The upper portions should be folded horizontally in opposite directions. Now drop the toy from height. It will rotate and come down slowly.

Wind Mill

You need a thin but stiff piece of paper about 15cm x 15cm, a pin, and a bamboo or wooden stick. Make and cut the paper in shape of half moon or half leaf . Hold all the pieces together at one end of the paper and pin it up. Cut a coloured paper in shape of a circle and stick in the middle of the fan. Now stick it properly on the wooden or bamboo stick. To make it more attractive you can use coloured paper or paper from old magazines. Hold the wind mill in direction of the air.

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A.He wanted to see his 'motherland'.

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