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Wind Wheel

Three strips of thick paper measuring 20 cm x 2 cm are cut and folded in the centre of each strip. Folds are interlocked. First is folded on the second, the second is folded on third and the third is folded on the first. Proper interlocking of the three strips results in the making of a bowl like form.

Put a blunt edged pencil at the centre of this fan. Hold this fan in direction of wind to rotate it.

Paper Fan

The paper Fan is made of a strip of paper held on a stick by a pin. Give this twist to the ends of this blade. Hold the toy against the wind or run holding it. Children can also make this toy using a leaf by cutting the leaf in shape of two joint triangles.

Spinning Wheel

Pierce two holes in the cardboard disc or a soft drink cap. The holes should be at equal distance from the centre point of the cap. Pass the string through the two holes and tie into a knot. For playing with the toy, you have to first wind the thread. You can do this by holding the two ends of the thread in your hands and giving it a few twists. After giving the twists, quickly pull the thread by moving both your hands apart and then brining your hands closer together to release the tension. In the process a few twists will wind up. Again move your hands outwards. This back and forth action will keep the disc in motion. With some practice you will be able to play it well.

Spinning Disc

Cut a circular disc of about 8 cm diameter, from a thick cardboard. Take the stub of a pencil about 5 cm in length. In the disc make a hole of the same diameter as the pencil. Fix the pencil tightly in this hole. If the pencil is loose, you can wrap some paper around it to make a tight fit. On spinning the pencil between the thumb and the forefinger, the disc spins like a top.

A teacher caught one of her students stealing apples. The lad stood in front of her trying to hide the apples behind his back. "What's your name again?" asked the teacher. "Leo." "And whose class are you in ?" " Mr Scorpo's." "And where do you live?" " Capricorn street." "And what are you hiding behind your back?" "Nothing, Miss. Honest."

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