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"You can spend lifetime surfing the NET and barely scratch its surface."

Ready to go online ! huh? Wanna make a presence online?. The basic fundas of how the web works and learning HTML will help you get started and help in making your website.

So you wanna make a website. Cuz your friend Pappu/ Chintu /Mintu already have a webpage or just because everyone is doing it so why not you.

Besides its loads of fun making your own website and it ain't that difficult as it seems. Don't need to be a whizz kid or some geek programmer to do this ...all you will need is a computer (which i presume u already have :)) and few hours of your dad's internet account .hehe!! :)..So lets take off ..>>

How the web works?
Before we start off. You might just wonder "how does the whole thing work". Getting techie at this point will make u & me bore and snore.
Getting the funda's right will help you in the long run. Pretty Simple- The Internet is a worldwide network of computers, holding vast quantities of data that you can access directly from a computer. Although the volume of and variety of information may seem overwhelming, the basic processes are quite straightforward. You don't need to be a computer expert to enjoy the internet.

The World Wide Web or World Wide Wait, what ever you prefer to call, it is the most exciting aspect of the Internet. The Web is a Universe of pages containing text, images, sound and video clips. The Web browser whatever your brand maybe Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator makes this possible. It reads the code and translates it into those wonderful and colorful pages that you see on your screen. The code that your web browser reads is called HTML (HYPERTEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE) which forms the base of any webpage. Does HTML the name itself scare you, don't run away...it ain't as difficult or complex as it sounds just stick around and you will learn.

Getting Your Site Online:
HTML forms the base language of any webpage. HTML is just a text formatting lanuguage, which tells the web browser where to place the images and text in the webpage. The term "hypertext" refers to text containing links to other pieces of text, either within the same document or in another one. After you have created the required HTML pages on your own computer, you can upload them to the the computer(server). You can use FTP(FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL) to connect to the server and upload it so that everyone and anyone including pappu can view your pages.

Bookstore owner: Here is a book that will do half your work for you.
Boy: Wow! Great! Give me two of them.


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