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First you have to decide what information you are gonna put on your website. Some people put personal information such as their hobbies, the photos of their naked brother, while other list their technical interests. You get to decide what do u want to put on the web

Before you dive into creating your own web page. You may want to take a few minutes to decide what are you gonna include. Suppose you decide to make a web page about your favourite band. You can include pictures of your fav band , small music clips and you can possibly have links to the official sites of the bands, and other sites sharing the same interests so that the visitor can have more information about the bands.


Once you have started collecting the information take some time sketching out how you want your website to look. Remember " The Pen is still mighter than your Computer" ooops where did that come from. Anyways you can use the pencil and paper to sketch out the site. Draw your ideal page. Put your images, lines of text and headlines all on your sheet of paper. How big do u want the images? what color to use? What kinda tables and lists?.

So basically there is lots of planning before making the site...adding this extra step before making your website will surely help u a lot.


After you have created your webpages, its not probably you alone who wants the admire and appreciate the effort that has gone in creating the webpages, you probably wanna show this to the world. How do u do this? How do you show the world your greatest creation?

There are loads of free web-space providers to name a few Tripod, Angelfire, Geocities where you can upload your pages for the world to see. All of these provide variety of services..but you need not bother.

Let's go check out Tripod. Visit its sign-up page, and soon enough you'll have an account with your own membername. This means you'll have space on Tripod's computer to store your files, and your site will have an address (a URL, or Uniform Resource Locator) that others can use to visit your homepage. Your URL will look something like: http://yourname.tripod.com/

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