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Recycle Waste

Solid wastes are probably the most visible forms of pollution. People throw away billions of tons of solid material each year. Much of this waste ends up littering roadsides,floating in lakes and streams and collecting in ugly dumps. Solid wastes present a serious problem because most of the methods used to dispose them of result in some type of damage to the environment. When the wastes are put into open dumps called landfills, they ruin the attractiveness of the surrounding areas. They can also poison soil and water supplies.

Methane gas, also created in landfills, can build up and explode by ignition. Dumps provide homes for disease-carrying animals such as cockroaches and rats. Some solid wastes are destroyed by burning them. But burning produces smoke that caused air pollution. When wastes are dumped in water, they contribute to various forms of water pollution.

Many avenues are open to cope with this menace. Industries should be efficient enough to manufacture goods with fewer resources which produce less wastes. Wastes can be recycled and reused. It helps conserve natural resources that otherwise would be used by manufactures. It also helps reduce the pollution that may result from the disposal of various waste materials.

Many communities have established recycling centres for the collection of recyclable wastes. Operators of the centres sort the waste and send them to manufacturers who then make them into usable materials. Some recycling centres specialise in one type of waste such as glass, metal cans or paper.

Commonly recycled wastes include aluminium and steel cans, glass containers and paper.

Some tips for re-use of paper (Contributed by Glen D'Mello)

  1. Write on both sides of paper.
  2. Re-use the blank side of printed paper as rough sheets to answer mock test, practice math sums, sketching or any rough work.
  3. Cut used paper to make small pads.Keep the pad next to your phone with dark color markers.You can use these pads to quickly note down message/ phone numbers . With the markers you can even read on printed paper.
  4. Crumple a few sheets of paper to make a ball. Squeeze the ball as often as you like to strengthen forearm muscles.
  5. Cut colorful card paper from magazines, greeting cards into strips and use as bookmarks. You can paint your own design on the blank side.

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