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Noise pollution

Noise pollution is a problem that belongs mainly to cities and towns.

People in and around cities are exposed to loud noises much of the time.

The noise comes from such things as aeroplanes, trains, automobiles, loud-hailers, high-pitched music, firecrackers, construction projects and industries.

The noise causes discomfort in human beings.

In extreme cases, loud noise can also damage hearing or even cause deafness.

Loud noise is a form of pollution. It disturbs the peace by creating an unpleasant and irritating atmosphere.

If one is forced to live among loud noises for a long time, they can cause many serious physical as well as mental diseases. Noise pollution causes physical diseases like high blood pressure, ulcers, palpitations, fatigue, headaches, vomiting. The mental disorders caused by noise pollution are anxiety, depression, irritability and tension.

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