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Well kids, have you seen a theater which had a HUGE dome shaped screen, unbelievable picture clarity and awesome sound? Well if you haven’t, its time to go to IMAX, the hottest new movie theater in town!!!

Yes, for the first time in India, in our very own Mumbai, Ad labs have opened their IMAX Theater very close to Anik Bus Depot. IMAX is basically a new movie technology, which has already met with amazing success outside our country.

Presently, there are 2 movies, which you can catch there, one is called “The Blue Planet” which is about the earth and the other is called “The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt”, which is about old Egypt and Pyramids and Mummies and all that cool stuff.

“The Blue Planet” is a very good film about our planet earth and most of the screen is always full of images of the earth as viewed from outer space. It is simply beautiful our planet, isn’t it? Well, you will know how much more beautiful it looks from outer space when you see this movie. And it is so much better on IMAX. This is because of the shape of the screen, which makes you feel as if you are seeing it really and not on a screen. The seats are also not straight boring seats and you can watch the movie all around you. Because of the superb quality sound which also happens to get very loud at times, you can actually feel your seats shaking, which may give you the feeling that you are actually moving along with the movie camera and space satellites. The movie also has some very good information about our planet. For instance, the sad fact that we are losing an acre of our beautiful rain forests every second!!..now is that sad or what? We all have to work to preserve our forests and keep our planet healthy and pretty. Coming back to IMAX, there is one particularly good part in the movie which is like you are sitting in a plane and flying at great speed inside a valley surrounded by hills all around. This part will definitely leave you gasping for breath, because it feels so real!!! It is almost like you are flying a real plane.

The tickets to the show are a little expensive at 150 rupees per show, but you can easily tell mom and dad to take you there because both are educational movies and they will definitely enjoy it too.

Be a little careful though, if you feel a little scared hang on to mum.

Shows start at 11! So you know where to go this weekend now!!!

Contributed By: Cyril Sebastian

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