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(Contributed by Mrs. Parvati Hari Krishnan)

What are the three epics of Hindus?
Mahabaratha, Ramayana and Bhagavad Gita.

The basics of the epic "MAHABHARATHA"....

Who composed Mahabaratha?
Saint Veda Vyas.

Who was the then stenographer to Vyas? Ganesha.

Who is Ganesha?
Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva.

What was the condition Ganesha put forward before taking down what Vyasa was narrating?
Ganesha's condition was that it should be dictated without pause or hesitation.

Was this successful?
Yes. Vyasa said to Ganesha that first he must grasp the meaning of what was being dictated before writing down.He would ocasionally compose some complex stanzas which would make Ganesha pause a while to get at the meaning and Vyasa would avail himself of this interval to compose many stanzas in his mind.During the narration once the pen with which he was writing broke and Ganesha broke his tusk and with that he continued.

Is Mahabaratha relevant to the present day world?
Yes, Very much. It was really a forecast as to what was ahead for all of us. In each one of us, each character of Mahabaratha exists.

What is the message given by the Mahabharatha?
Dharma alone triumphs. As you sow so you reap. Every action has a reaction. Guru Bhakti. Each story of the Mahabaratha has a moral in it.

Who was Dharmaputra?
He was the son born to Yama Raj. He always followed the path of righteousness. He was also called Yudhishtira, the one who is always stable in war.

Who was Arjuna?
Arjuna was born to Indra. He was a valour. He was an expert in archery.

Who was Bhima?
Bhima was the son of Vayu. He was a man of strength. He was a hero in mace fighting. His brother was Hanuman.

Who were Nakula and Sahadeva?
There were the sons of Madri. Very sober and calm.

Who was Karna? What was his fate?
Karna was born to Surya. Surya gave it to Kunti. But Kunti being unmarried at that time, had to abandon him for no fault of Karna. He was put in a basket and was left in a river. A charioteer who was taking his bath saw the small child and got pity for him and took him to his house where he was showered all love .

Name the two parties who were involved in the Mahabaratha war?
The Kauravas and the Pandavas.

What was their relation?
They were brothers.

What was the war for?
Both Pandu and Dritharashtra were brothers. Dritharashtra was born blind whereas Pandu had some rashes all over his body. Pandu was made the king of Hasthinapur. After the death of Pandu, the question of as to who will become the raja came up. Duryodhana being the first son of Dritharashtra, wanted himself to be coronated as the king. He was not ready to part with pandavas even a small part of the land for their living. Lord Krishna too mediated to bring an amicable settlement. However, Duryodhana knowing well that he was following the path of Adharma, was too arrogant to deviate from the decision. He was to some extent brainwashed by his maternal uncle the wicked Sakuni.

How did the Pandavas lose their kingdom?
They were asked to play the game of dice with the Kauravas. Uncle Sakuni played mischief and pandavas started losing each and every game. Each time they played they mortgaged something or the other. In this way they lost all their kingdom, all valuables, and their wife Draupadhi too became the victim.

What was the epic that emerged before the start of the war?
The Bhagvad Gita.

Who recited?
Bhagwan Sri Krishna.

To whom and when?
To Arjuna. Arjuna after seeing the array of troops in the Kaurava's side becomes so nervous because it had his Bhishma Pitamaha, His guru Dronacharya, Kripacharya, and all his kith and kin. He did not want to engage in war to gain the kingdom. He became dejected and put down all his weapons. The Bhagwad Gita became a motivating factor for Arjuna to fight the war of injustice. This became the source of strength for Arjuna.

How many days did the Maharabaratha war last?
18 days.

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