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Let us find out names from the Mahabaratha for each alphabhet

Abhimanyu: Son of Arjuna and Subhadra who was married to Uttara, daughter of King Virata. When he was in his mother's womb, he understood the technique to get into the chakravyuham. However, he was killed as he did not know how to come out of it.

Brihannala: This was Arjuna's another name. Arjun disguised himself as an eunuch when they were spending one year's time incognito, in king Virada's palace.

Chitrangada: Elder son of Santanu born of Matsyagandhi(Satyavati) who succeeded his father on the throne of Hastinapura.

Devavrata: The eighth child of Santanu and Ganga who in time mastered the art of wielding arms and learned the vedas and vedanta as also sciences known to Sukra was crowned yuvaraja heir-apparent, but later vowed to celibacy and was known as Bhishma.

Ekalavya: Person known for his Gurubhakti. A great warrior who would have excelled Arjun in archery . He offered his thumb as Gurudhakshina to Dronacharya ( He had learnt the art of bow and arrow from Dronacharya. He used to hide and see Dronacharya teaching the pandavas that art and installed an idol of Dronacharya, considered him as the guru and experimented all those.

Falgunan: Another name of Arjun. This was because he was born on Falguna star on a poornima day.

Ghatotkacha: Son of Bhima from demoness Hidimba. Since Karna had to use the Vajrayudh to kill him, the same could not be used to kill Arjun. Thus he became a blessing in disguise for Pandavas.

Hastinapura: Capital city of the Kauravas.

Indraprastha: Was the neighbourhood of Hastinapur. It was built by Pandavas to Yudhishtira because he did the Rajasooya Yagna. He could not find any place in Hastinapur because it was occupied by Dritharashtra. So he built his own palace.

Jarasandha: Mighty king of Magadha of whose prowess all Kshatriyas were afraid. Killed by Bhima in a thirteen day non-stop physicial combat with Sri Krishna and Argon as witnesses. Brihadratha, Jarasandha's father had no children. He had married the twin daughters of the raja of Kasi and had vowed that he would not show any partiality to either. He went to sage Kausika of the Gautama family with a sorrowful longing for children in his heart. The sage was moved with pity and asked him what he wanted. He expressed his desire to have a child. The sage was filled with compassion and even as he was thinking how to help the king, a mango fruit fell into his lap. He took it and gave it to the king with the blessing that the king's wish would be fulfilled. The king cut it into two halves and gave one each to each wife. They became pregnant and each of them gave birth to half of a child. They were indeed two equal and complementary portions of one baby. They were tied in a cloth and the bundle was thrown on a heap of refuse in the street. A rakshasi who was a cannibal gathered them up together and they at once adhered together and changed into a whole living child., She did not want to kill the child but took the form of a beautiful lady and presented to the king. Since the two pieces were madeinto one by the rakshasi Jara, the child came to be known as Jarasandha.

Karna: The unfortunate son of Kunti, the eldest of the Pandavas, but who had to be with the Adharma because of his fate. He was abandoned by Kunti since he was a child born before her wedlock born to Surya. He was the disciple of Parasurama. His foster mother was Radha and is known as Radheya.

Lomasa: Pandava Sage who advised the pandavas to reduce their retinue while repairing to the forest. Those unable to bear the hardships of exile were free to go to the court of Dhritarashtra or Drupada king of Panchala. He accompanied Yudhishthira on his wanderings.

Maitreya: A sage who visited the court of Dhritarashtra expressed sorrow at the Pandava's plight, advised Duryodhana not to injure the Pandavas for his own good.

Nakula: Fourth brother of the Pandavas.

Panchajanya: Name of Krishna's conch. This played an important role in the Mahabharatha, specially to kill Dronacharya.

Raibhya: A sage whose hermitage was situated on the banks of the Ganga. It was visited by the Pandavas during their wanderings.. This ghat was very holy. Bharata, son of Dasaratha bathed here. Indra was cleansed of his sin of killing Vritra unfairly by bathing in this ghat. Sanatkumar became one with God. Aditi mother of the gods, prayed here to be blessed with a son.

Sakuni: He was the maternal uncle of Duryodhana. It was Sakuni, who had brainwashed Duryodhana to a greater extent. He played dice on behalf of the Kauravas and succeeded in defeating the pandavas. As a result of this, they had to go to forest for 13 years and one year they had to live incognito. An evil genius he was. Savyasachin: This was another name of Arjun. This meant he could use both hands with equal facility and effect. Arjun could use his bow with the same skill with either hands.

Upachitra: One of King Dhritarashtra's sons who perished in the war.

Vikarna: A son of Dhritarashtra who declared the staking of Draupadi illegal, as Yudhishthira himself was a slave and had lost all his rights. Therefore, the Kauravas had not won Draupadi legally, he held.

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