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Generation Gap

Communication is what makes the world go round. This barrier has to be surpassed in all spheres of life, beginning with home. Parents and their Children, the two most important parts of a whole.

All children hope to have parents who they can call their "Friends". Whom they can talk to without any age, sex, respect, high/low barriers, in short they can talk to their parents about 'anything', as they would to people or friends of their own age group.Those who cannot surpass this barrier are the one who have fallen into the so called "GENERATION GAP".

The Lines of Communication often break as parents are disappointed in their children's behavior towards them. They feel that their children are not giving them any respect, that they do not see eye to eye with them, that they do not behave the way they use to behave with their parents and most importantly their children are not living upto their expectations.

Both sides have a lot to say, but don't for the fear of being misunderstood. In all ways parents are the one's who have to make the first move towards communication.They have to forgo some of their old ideologies and give place to their children's thoughts and opinions.

This new generation children only want to do things differently, that does not mean that they disrespect their elders or their ideas. Wise are those parents who talk to their children and encourage them to talk to them about "Anything" and "Everything". They treat their children as equals and friends. They encourage their children to have confidence in themselves and their opinions. These parents are the one's who reap the profits of their confidence in their children. They can see how much their children are willing to talk to them are take their advice for all that they do.

Let us remember that anger and disputes do not solve any problems. The best solution to all problems is keeping the lines of communication between You and your children open.

Children of all generations be it now or before are and were love and attention starved. As the Lines of Communication widen we see how love and respect for one another grows and the so called Generation Gap narrows.

The meaning of love and communication is thus explained in the lines below:

Love isn't necessarily seeing things eye to eye, all the time,
and it isn't automatically agreeing with one another.
Love isn't holding your silence, or closing your mind entirely,
Not letting the other know what is bothering you.
Love isn't always fighting, holding your own stubbornly,
preferring to be right rather than happy.

Love is Communicating !!!

There was a young lady from Niger,
Who smiled as she rode on a tiger.
After the ride
She was inside,
And the smile was on the face of the tiger.



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