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Get Set Grow

You can raise your child to be a happy, balanced human being who is able to respect other people's needs and rights as well as valuing his own. So,

  • Allow your kids to explore, experiment and develop self-help skills

  • Let love express itself freely in your home and the ability to show and feel love will endure.

  • Listen to your children. Tell them that they have a right to say no if they feel uneasy in a situation or when somebody touches them in a way they don't like.

  • Mutual respect, understanding, faith, trust, responsibility will give them the ability to accept people for what they are.

  • Motivate and stimulate interests and aptitudes to give them a sense of individuality and self confidence.Invite their friends over, so that you can get to know them better.

  • Check TV programs, tapes and Internet connections for suitability.

  • Be flexible. Don't impose your ideas on them all the time. Listen to them, let them express their point of view, have a reasonable debate, and work out a compromise.

  • Spend time together. Mealtime around the table, without the distraction of the TV is perfect.

  • Reinforce acts of kindness or bravery, instead of eternally focusing on their faults. Telling you children that you're proud of them won't make them swollen headed. It will give them self esteem,and the strength to stick to your standards.

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