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Get Your Kids to Listen

In today's busy life style parents are often pushed into a role of a drill master just to get everyone thorough the day. This approach is not only ineffective but it also leaves the children and parents in an unhappy and angry mood. This adds up to the stress and strain which is faced by both the children and parents. Well! one must find out a way to get your things done the way you want it to be done.

These few tips will help finding a solution to motivate your child to be cooperative, responsible and pleasant. This will definitely go a long way to help them later.

Your child won't get up in the morning
Parent: Get up! This is the last time I'm calling you.
Try this: Good morning. It's 7 am. What should you be doing now?

Your child's room is very messy
Parent: Clean up your room right now, or else!
Try this: Clean up your room now or in ten minutes, it's your choice

Your child has had a mishap
Parent: There you go again, you are so clumsy...
Try this: What do you need to do now to solve this problem?

Your child wants help with homework
Parent: You are so lazy, try harder! .... What were you doing at school?
Try this: It's your work, I'm confident you can do it.

As parents we often take too much responsibility for our kids. No wonder they wait until the umpteenth time they're called to get out of bed. The kids know that you will continue to coax them, and they won't be late for school.

Nagging doesn't teach your child to be responsible. Decide what you will do, instead of what you're going to make your children do. Also, involve your child in taking some decisions for themselves.You'll get better results by helping the kids help themselves.

Explain the outcome of their behavior, be firm but not strict. Threats and ultimatums will only have a temporary effect to solving these problems.

Too much assistance to kids with their work will also make them slack. Let the kid have confidence and believe in their abilities, set clear rules for them for their study and habits, don't make your child over-dependent on you.

Things may get worse before they can get better. But in the long run, the extra effort to get children involved in solutions will help them become creative and motivated kids.

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