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Discipline your kids...

Kids who have a general tendency to misbehave, lose temper, behave aggressively, have a habit to throw things need to be handled very carefully. Parents need to give it a serious thought and should not react in the same way. They need to keep cool, really very cool!!!

Some useful tips:

  1. Take a day off and spend some time with your kids, talk it out with them. 
  2. Suggest a positive attitude towards life. 
  3. Teach them the art of self-control and self-discipline, but this may take some time. 
  4. Use an unemotional approach in handling such situations. 
  5. Try withholding some privileges and negotiate them with better behaviour in return. 
  6. Just go for a walk with your child, give them some attention, it can do wonders. 
  7. Encourage good behaviour. 
  8. Be firm and don't accept untrue statements from your child

Q. How does an elephant climb down the tree?
A. He sits on a leaf and waits for autumn.


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