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Manners & Values

Kids who have a general tendency to misbehave, lose temper, behave aggressively, have a habit to throw things need to be handled very carefully. Parents need to give it a serious thought and should not react in the same way. They need to keep cool, really very cool!!!

Manners and Values can be taught to children like any other subject.

The earlier they are taught, more easily they are imbibed. But these subjects are entirely dependent on the teachers and the 1st set of teachers are the Parents. If "sorry" is a word that does not come easily from one of the parents, it will also not percolate down to the child. This is purely a matter of practice before you preach. Parents are the 1st role models children look upto. Young children are very sensitive. They are more in tune with the visual world. They can easily identify when their mother is really angry and when she is make believe angry by body language of their mother.

Any learning process will get willing participation when it is fun for the participant.

Manners and values can start as a game, may be collecting stars or scoring points for good deeds, efforts and behavior. E.g. 'Thank you' is one of the simplest of early manners. It comes easily to people who are vivacious, appreciative and having a sense pf gratitude.

Encourage and praise even though it may seem repetitive, at every 'thank you' the child says at the appropriate situation.

When he or she receive a present, make it fun to write or draw a 'Thank you' note to acknowledge the gift together. This will create a bond and also teach basic people skills to the child.

"Manners not only maketh a man but that if one is nice to others, there is a good chance that they will be nice back."

Contributed By: Mrs Jamila Varawala

HARMONY = harmony times must I tell you???


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